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Our latest version, WiFi Baby 4 (4th generation), was recently awarded 2016 Best Baby Monitor by The Bump, one of the top parenting websites. Below are links to baby monitor reviews by TIME, Engadget, FOX and other parenting and tech websites.

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Baby Monitor Reviews

Baby Monitor Reviews

Baby Monitor Reviews Baby Monitor Review: Best Baby Monitor 2016: “Amazing picture, night vision and sound”
Baby Monitor Reviews FOX features WiFi Baby monitor review on a “Family Tech” segment (Video)
Pregnancy Magazine Baby Monitor Review Pregnancy Magazine: “Big upgrade. Clearer during day AND night.”
Baby Monitor Reviews “I’ve truly never had a monitor with such a clear picture and audio!”
Baby Monitor Reviews NBC Morning Show “Tech for the Millennial Mom” feature
Baby Monitor Reviews 2016 “Add up to 4 monitors, perfect for monitoring my twins. Clear night vision”
Baby Monitor Reviews “Super impressed with the sound & picture quality. This baby monitor rocks!
Baby Monitor Reviews “If you are looking for flexibility and options, this is the baby monitor for you.”
Baby Monitor Reviews Baby Monitor Review: “You get what you pay for in terms of quality and benefits.”
Baby Monitor Reviews Project Nursery: WiFi Baby Featured in Company Profile
TIME Magazine baby monitor reviews TIME: “Beautiful Day and Night Video, Peace of Mind – Check in Securely, Anywhere.”
Engadget baby monitor reviews Baby Monitor Review:  “First Class Baby Monitor”
Baby Monitor Reviews Engadget: (Prototype) “Makes other baby monitors look like overpriced toys”
Baby Monitor Reviews Baby Monitor Review: “Essential. Unrivaled Support”
Review | Best of 2014
best baby monitor “Crystal-Clear Video and Audio, High Quality, Awesome App”
Technology Tell best baby monitor Baby Monitor Review: “Impressive Night Vision”
Kolcraft best baby monitor Baby Monitor Review: “Password-Protected Genius!”
Gamlins best baby monitor Baby Monitor Review: “The Viper of baby monitors”
Baby Gator's Den baby monitor review “Easy Setup, Friendly Support”
baby monitor review 2015 “Customer Service Worth Talking About”
NBC News Baby Monitor Privacy NBC News Privacy Article:  “WiFi Baby – secure, password-protected”
CBS News best baby monitor  CBS News: “Keep an eye on your little ones” (VIDEO)
CNET Best baby monitor CNET: WiFi Baby featured on daily tech show “Loaded” (VIDEO)
Baby Monitor Reviews Fast Company: “Turn your iPhone into a baby monitor”
PC World best baby monitors 2015  PC World recommends WiFi Baby over traditional baby monitors

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