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1. Why should I purchase from WiFi Baby and what is the difference between other baby monitors?  Technology. Traditional video monitors have a limited range from camera to receiver of a few hundred feet.   They use analog signals with several open, non-password-protected frequencies. If you have a house full of electronics you will receive interference from cordless phones, microwave ovens, remote-control toys – even your existing WiFi network! Distance also factors into the interference. None of these issues affect WiFi Baby. Our non-cloud based monitor makes a direct, wireless connection on your local WiFi network and sends password-protected video and audio  to iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC.  Anywhere. No computer needs to be on to operate.  The only wire is the power cord.

Our 4th generation version,  WiFi Baby 4, features a new FREE iOS app, HD video, a 35% wider field of view, improved night vision and streams in HD to Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Roku and Fire TV.  



About Us:  WiFi Baby was founded in 2010 by Stefanie Fox after being inspired by the challenge of finding a baby monitor to work properly in her three story townhouse.  Traditional analog and digital baby monitors simply did not have the sufficient range, picture or audio quality needed.  By turning a problem into a solution, WiFi Baby was born.

Whether at home or across the globe, parents can peek in on their precious children via apps on their iOS or Android device.

WiFi Baby is a family owned company located in Lake Worth, Florida.  We are currently on our 4th generation, WiFi Baby 4.

WiFi Baby ships with 1 year of free MyWiFi Pro support.  If you ever need any help, expert setup assistance by phone or screen share is available by request during the day, night or even on the weekend.

The phrases “You get what you pay for” and “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” exist for a reason. Please read our media and customer reviews , reach out to us if you have questions and buy with confidence.  Meet the entire WiFi Baby family HERE.



WiFi Baby Nanny Cam Setup


2. What is the wireless setup process? Our Quickstart guide will get you setup quickly on your home network.  To get a better idea, please spend a minute watching our  COMPANY VIDEO. 


  • Plug in WiFi Baby to power and your router to authenticate the camera to your wireless network. (Ethernet cable used for wireless setup only)
  • Install or download our setup software to your Mac or PC. Follow our QuickStart Video and Setup Guide
  • Download our FREE iOS app or compatible Android app
  • Once wireless setup is complete WiFi Baby sends video and audio to iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or PC.
  • WiFi Baby 3 and WiFi Baby 4 comes with a secure MyWiFiBaby URL for remote “Nanny Cam” viewing.  If you need any setup help we have free scheduled U.S. based phone and screen sharing support.  

View More: http://thompsonphotographygroup.pass.us/wifi-baby-2015


3. How is WiFi Baby different than a webcam? WiFi Baby is both a camera and a computer; a webcam requires a physical connection to a computer to function. WiFi Baby is a stand alone device that only needs an AC power connection anywhere in your home WiFi network. NO PC/MAC NEEDS TO BE KEPT ON TO OPERATE. It’s compact design (just over 3″ sq., 1″ deep) and mounting bracket allows it to be securely mounted to the ceiling, wall, or simply on a shelf. Plus, once the camera is mounted, the camera can still be removed from the mounting bracket if you need to move it to another room.

4. What’s the background of WiFi Baby? WiFi Baby is an American, family owned company located in South Florida launched in 2010 (Press Release). The inspiration for the company came from the difficulty the owners had finding a quality baby monitor to safely watch their son. Our latest version, WiFi Baby 4 was released on 11/14/14 and has several new enhanced features. Please visit our STORE  for details.

5. Does both video and audio work with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android? Yes. WiFi Baby 3 and WiFi Baby 4 are 100% compatible with both PC and Mac up to Windows 8, OSX Yosemite, and iOS 8+ on iPhone, iPad, and OS 5.0 on Android. Our official FREE iOS app or compatible Android app provide video, audio and alerts. The apps support multi-tasking background audio and up to 4 live simultaneous video, audio and alerts.  Multiple authorized users can access the camera at the same time.

6. Why aren’t all baby monitors WiFi network and mobile device based? There are a couple of reasons. It’s only been in the last few years that having WiFi at home and parents owning either an iPhone or Android phone pretty much became the new standard. Also, the companies that manufacture “traditional” analog or digital baby monitors have no incentive to bring this new technology to market since it would render their existing product line obsolete.

7. Do WiFi Baby monitors cost more than traditional video baby monitors?  Traditional analog or digital video baby monitors cost around $200.  WiFi Baby is slightly more but has different technology and features.  Deciding to go with WiFi Baby is the same reason you paid a little bit more for that car seat, stroller, and crib: Quality, Reliability. Functionality.

8. Why should I choose WiFi Baby? You are purchasing from an American, family owned company with U.S. based customer service and tech support. The phrases “You get what you pay for” and “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” exist for a reason. Do not be fooled by similar looking cameras. Just read our media and customer reviews on Facebook and Amazon to make the right choice.

  • Free US based Setup Support for home viewing by Screen Share/Phone/Email
  • Video and Visual Setup Guides
  • Free iOS App & Secure Remote Viewing: No Subscription, Server or Cloud Service
  • Free “Nanny Cam” Setup Support

9. What is the return policy?

“Wifi Baby is a family owned, American based company started by parents for parents. We sell quality products that perform as advertised and have received positive media and customer reviews of our products and service as a result. We offer easy 30 day returns and a 1 year warranty including free US based tech support by email/phone/screen share and hassle-free exchanges for issues past our 30 day return policy. If any issues arise, it is our goal to resolve them quickly. Please read our return and technical support policy and buy with confidence. ” – Wifi Baby CEO – Stefanie Fox

Please read our full return policy HERE.

10. Does this work on a server or cloud service? Do I have to sign up for an account and are there ongoing fees? No, there are no monthly fees for remote video and audio on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or PC. There is no “WiFi Baby Server” or cloud service involved between your mobile device, PC or Mac and your camera.

11. Can I access my WiFi Baby from multiple devices at the same time? Yes. You can access the camera from multiple devices (PC/Mac, iPhone, Android) simultaneously with an authorized username and password.

12. Can my neighbor access my WiFi Baby video/audio feed if he owns the same model? No. Unlike traditional monitors that work on open analog and digital frequencies, the video and audio can only be accessed with the camera’s specific address, a username and password.

13. What if someone hacks into the WiFi Baby server? Can they look/listen in my house? Your video and audio is not being uploaded and accessed from a “WiFi Baby cloud server” . You are accessing your own camera directly whether you are at home or away. For detailed information about security and privacy please visit HERE.

14. What’s in the Box?  Does WiFi Baby come with it’s own monitor/receiver? What makes WiFi Baby unique is that our camera utilizes devices that you already own as a monitor/receiver. It streams password-protected video & audio without distance limitations to a receiver of your choice: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android.

15. Can I use my iPhone / iPad / Android all night as a monitor? Won’t it shut off based on my settings? The apps override all “auto-lock” functions. Audio alerts can be set and the apps have a “night mode” which does audio only. Audio and alerts work in the background with iPhone and iPad so you can multitask. When you hear an alarm or a cry, just go back the app to get both video & audio.

On a PC or Mac, the video and audio runs as long as a browser window is open. (See our LIVE DEMO for an example)

16. Can I multitask while using my iPhone and iPad while the app is running? Yes. One of the many great features of our FREE iOS app and compatible Android app is the flexibility to multitask while the audio and alerts run in the background (like iTunes or Pandora). You can email, text, use other apps and when you hear a sound or alert, just go back to the app for full video and audio.


17. When using the apps, how long does the battery last on the iPhone, iPad or Android? If you are running both video & audio, it will use the same amount of battery as any streaming video (ex. YouTube).  You can dim or turn off the screen in “night mode” while still hearing audio and alerts. In this mode it compares to streaming music (ex. Pandora) and battery life lasts significantly longer. When using night mode, when you hear a cry or alert, just touch the screen to go back to both video and audio. If you are using the app over several hours, (overnight, watching TV, etc. ) we suggest charging your iPhone / iPad / Android at the same time.

18. Do the apps work with the latest versions of iPhone, iPad & Android? Yes. Our FREE  iOS app works with  iOS 7  and iOS 8+ .  If you have an older generation iPhone or iPad running iOS 5 or 6 please use our recommended 3rd Party iOS app. 

This includes iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus,  iPad 2 – iPad Air and all iPad Minis.

On Android you will need 2.3 or above.

19. Can I view/hear multiple cameras from the same iOS or Android device? Yes. The iPhone and iPad app allows simultaneous VIDEO & AUDIO up to 4 cameras with latest update. The Android app allows you to switch between cameras, one video stream/audio stream at a time. You can also get simultaneous video/audio from multiple cameras on a PC / Mac by simply using multiple browser windows.

20. Is the video RealTime? Is there any audio delay from “live?” Via the iOS and Android apps the video is RealTime : the audio has a delay of 1-2 seconds.  On Mac or PC when connecting using any desktop browser the video and audio does have a 3-5 second delay because of the buffering time.

21. Is WiFi Baby a true night vision camera?  Yes, unlike others on the market the camera’s lens is designed for night vision and has a range of up to 30 feet.  Previous versions (WiFi Baby 2.0) had a slight red tint with day video.  WiFi Baby 3 has a new lens and an IR Cut Filter providing True Color video during the day and low light.  WiFi Baby 4 features HD video, a 35% wider field or view and streams in HD to Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast and Fire TV.

22. Can I take WiFi Baby on our vacation or take back and forth to my parent’s home?  Can the WiFi Baby camera connect on WiFi like at a hotel?  No.  When it is setup on your WiFi network it is authorized ONLY on that network to access at home or away.  You would need to reset the camera to factory defaults for security reasons and then reset up on another home network. If you are planning on monitoring frequently at 2 locations (home & parents for example), we recommend buying 2 WiFi Baby sets as you can monitor multiple locations at the same time from the same app and mobile device.  You also receive an automatic discount when you add 2 or more to cart.

As far as a hotel, this is not possible because the camera does not have a keypad like a laptop or mobile device.  The initial setup requires an initial Ethernet connection to a WiFi router (like you would at home, only for the wireless setup part ) and a PC or Mac for setup and authentication to become wireless.

23. Are there Blackberry or Windows Phone Apps? Not at this time.

24. Can WiFi Baby run on battery? No, the camera needs an AC connection. Besides the included 6 foot AC adapter and 6 adhesive power cord clips (for wall mounting option) the camera is completely wireless. We also sell an additional 10 foot extension cord if needed.

25. How do you mount the camera to the wall or ceiling and does WiFi Baby have pan, tilt, zoom?

The camera comes with an adjustable mounting stand that can easily be attached to the wall, ceiling or you can just position it on a shelf. To attach the mounting stand to the wall or ceiling simply use the included 2 screws and optional wall anchors.  Then twist the camera onto the stand and use a flat head screwdriver or coin to tighten to the desired angle.  You can also use the 6 adhesive clips for a cleaner look for the AC adapter cord to feed down the wall. 

Wall Mounting Example

WiFi Baby has “pinch to zoom” via the mobile apps.  While WiFi Baby does not remotely pan and tilt it has a wide viewing angle and designed to have a clear image and sound from at least 5 feet away from the crib/bed. The screen shots on our site, our live demo, and our Facebook page show the clarity of vision.

26. I understand you ship to US and Canada only but what are the full tech specs for the camera and AC adapter? WiFi Baby 3 and WiFi Baby 4 AC adapter specs: Input is 100-240v, 50/60hz 0.5A max. Output: 12V, 1000mA. 

27. My home is wired for Ethernet in every room. I prefer to hard wire WiFi Baby. Is this possible? Yes. What makes WiFi Baby unique is the camera function but this is possible. The Ethernet port on the the camera normally only for the initial wireless setup but if you have ethernet ports in your home by plugging it into Ethernet it would default to a wired connection, the functionality is the same. No computer needs to be on to function, you can connect from your devices at home or anywhere.