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Smart Home Baby Monitor

WiFi Baby is an American startup founded in 2010 and located in Lake Worth, Florida.  Since that time we have sold 4 generations of WiFi Baby, a smart home baby monitor that provides video, audio and alerts anywhere via iPhone and Android apps.

Whether at home or across the globe, parents can stay connected via apps on their iOS or Android device.

2/18 Company Update:

WiFi Baby has been honored as the baby monitor you chose to help bring your family peace of mind. Our family-owned business would like to thank all of our customers for the faith you have put in us and for your loyalty.

When we launched we were one of the first companies to offer a baby monitor that allowed parents to check in with an app on iOS and Android. The smart home industry has a very different competitive landscape now and we have opted to not continue producing WiFi Baby. 

As of 2/18 WiFi Baby is discontinued and all inventory is sold out on our website, Amazon and at our valued resellers.

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