A letter from the WiFi Baby family:


WiFi Baby has been honored as the baby monitor you chose to help bring your family peace of mind. Our family-owned business would like to thank all of our customers for the faith you have put in us and for your loyalty.


When we launched in 2010 we were one of the first companies to offer a baby monitor that allowed parents to check in with an app on iOS and Android. The smart home industry has a very different competitive landscape now and we have opted to not continue producing WiFi Baby.  As of 2/18, all inventory is sold out on our website, Amazon and at our valued resellers.


I am shopping for a baby monitor. Do you have any recommendations? 


If you are here for the first time and currently looking for a baby monitor we have transformed our store into a list of recommended alternatives. Full reviews are coming soon. We have also listed security cameras. These are the best reviewed and most popular options. All are available on Amazon.
Where can I find support?  


For our existing customers needing support we have our self-help section with screenshot guides, videos, and troubleshooting tips.


Self-Help: MyWiFiPro.net


If you prefer phone support, you can request and purchase MyWiFi Pro phone support.



Phone Support: MyWiFi Pro Ticket


Do you have a full list of compatible apps?  


Here are links to our iOS 11 compatible app.  Also listed are excellent 3rd party app alternatives.


I need a replacement stand (or AC adapter). 


You can find both of these accessories at this link while supplies last.


Accessories:  Store


I have a warranty issue as my unit is under the 1 year warranty.  Who do I contact?


For warranty issues or any other questions please contact Y-Cam, our manufacturer directly.


Contact: Y-Cam