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WiFi Baby: Monitor Anywhere on iPhone, iPad and Android.

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iOS 11 WiFi Baby App Update | Baby Monitor HD App Solution

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Best Baby MonitorBest Baby Monitor
Best Baby Monitor Best Baby Monitor
  • Monitor via Apps

    Stay connected anywhere with the best baby monitor and nanny cam app on iOS, Android. Anywhere.

  • HD, 35% Wider View

    WiFi Baby 4 features HD video and 8x zoom via apps.  See well beyond the crib with a 35% wider view vs. WiFi Baby 3.

  • Streams to TV & Fire Tablets

    Watch baby on the big screen via Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, other media players and Fire tablets.

  • No Monthly Fees, No Cloud

    Buy WiFi Baby, download our app and you’re done.  Bandwidth friendly, secure, password-protected.

  • All Night Peace of Mind

    Constant-connect – best baby monitor for overnight monitoring.  Options: Screen on/off, auto-mute,alerts.

  • Scheduled Recording

    Set a weekly or monthly schedule using the camera’s Nanny Camera DVR. Footage stored on MicroSD card, not the cloud.

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