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WiFi Baby: Monitor on iPhone, iPad or Android. Anywhere.

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FlexibilityBest baby monitor to support audio and alerts while using other apps.

Apple Watch Audio AlertsOnly monitor to notify you via Apple Watch when baby is crying.

ExpandableOnly monitor to support 4 cameras on screen with simultaneous audio, alerts.

Night Vision PrecisionLongest range of any monitor, up to 30 feet in complete darkness.

  • Monitor via iOS & Android Apps

    Stay connected anywhere with the best baby monitor app on iPhone, iPad or Android. Check in from home, work or date night.

  • HD, 35% Wider View, 8x Zoom

    WiFi Baby 4 features HD video 8x zoom via apps.  See well beyond the crib with a 35% wider view vs. WiFi Baby 3.

  • Streams to TV

    Put your baby on the big screen.  Streams to Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku and other media players.

  • No Monthly Fees, No Cloud

    Buy WiFi Baby, download our app and you’re done.  Bandwidth friendly, , secure, password-protected.

  • All Night Peace of Mind

    Constant-connect, the best baby monitor for overnight monitoring.  Options: Screen on/off, auto-mute,alerts.

  • Scheduled Recording

    Set a weekly or monthly schedule using the camera’s DVR. Footage stored on MicroSD card, not the cloud.

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The WiFi Baby Difference

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How WiFi Baby Works

Home: No cloud. Connect via apps using only your home network.

Away:  No cloud. Connect via apps using a secure and unique URL.

Best Baby Monitor

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