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Below is a list of online security and best practices.  As a family-owned company, WiFi Baby cares strongly about your privacy and uses several methods of security to keep your monitor safe. As outlined in our setup guide,  there are several steps that need to be done – related to security – to access WiFi Baby remotely.

For more information on baby monitor security from an external source please see this article at Cool Mom Tech.

STRONG PASSWORD: The important step in keeping your camera secure, like anything online, is to use a strong password.  This step is noted and emphasized in our QuickStart guide.  At a minimum we suggest that this password should 8 characters in length with AT LEAST 3 out of 4 of the following:

Upper case letter
Lower case letter
Special Character ($, %, &, etc.)

Additionally, WiFi Baby uses authentication that does not send your password in plain text.

NO CLOUD: Unlike others, our monitor does not use a cloud to access your camera remotely or to record.  Our video and audio is never uploaded, recorded and downloaded from a cloud server. In other words, it is not streamed to an external server and stored if opting to record.  WiFi Baby records directly to the SD Card to the camera.  At home, the wireless connection does not even use the internet, it connects only locally using your network.  In other words it is like a wireless printer or any device that connects wirelessly to your router without the need for an internet connection.

Device > LAN (no internet)  > WiFi Baby

UNIQUE URL FOR REMOTE ACCESS:  Each WiFi Baby has a unique URL that is used to access remotely with a username and password.  In this case the path is direct from Device > External WiFi or Data Plan > WiFi Baby – not a connection that uploads and downloads your video from the cloud.

PORT NUMBER: You can add another level of security by changing the standard access port number mentioned in step 3 to a different 4 or 5 digit port number.*  This is explained in the QuickStart guide.

SECURING YOUR NETWORK WITH A STRONG PASSWORD: Very basic but must be stated – Your home WiFi network should also be password protected, not just “open.”  This is the password you use to authorize your wireless devices (iPhone, Android, PC, Mac) on your home network.  If you are using the default password that came with your router (usually printed on the bottom of the router) it is always recommended to change it to a unique and secure password.  This is a just a basic security tip for your WiFi network in general, not specific to WiFi Baby.

MYWIFI PRO PHONE SUPPORT:  All of these options can be done using our online guides or by scheduling a free support session with phone or email support from our US based MyWiFi Pro Team

* If changing your access port number for remote viewing, port number selected can be any port in the range of 1024 -65535.

Questions?  Please reach out to us at or by requesting a MyWiFi Pro phone support appointment HERE.