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We are excited to have a sleep expert shed some light on sleep with our WiFi Baby followers.  Sabrina Stempel, a Certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant, and founder/CEO of Baby Sleep Train wants to dispel some myths that you may have heard and offer child sleep training tips. Let’s face it, there is nothing a family needs more than good sleep and when it is lacking you are apt to try anything and everything.   As with most things in parenting, one size does not fit all. You may have to dig deep but it is important to find out what will work best for your family in getting the best quality shut eye.

Child Sleep Training Tips | 5  Myths Your Friends Have Told You

  1. Sleep Training is bad because it means letting your child “Cry it Out”.

False! “Cry it Out” or Extinction is a common sleep method but, there are many others to chose from which involve minimal to no crying. Most sleep methods can be customized to reduce the water-works as well.

Did you know that sometimes sleep training only involves environmental and/or nutritional changes? That means no “method” is needed at all!

  1. Sleep training is selfish! Children don’t need it. It’s all for the parents’ benefit.

False! When a child finally sleeps well, it is a relief to the parents AND the child because…

  • Finally that child doesn’t have to cry or wait for someone to come help him.
  • Children’s overall health improves with better sleep.
  • Children’s emotional wellbeing improves when the parents are finally calm and rested.
  1. It’s too late to sleep train your child.

False! It’s never too late! Sleep training is more challenging as a child gets older, but it is ALWAYS possible with patience and consistency.

child sleep training tips

WiFi Baby App Screenshot: “I’m in training…sleep training that is.”

  1. Once your child is sleep-trained she will be a perfect sleeper for life.

False! Your child will be sleeping great but there will be bumps in the road. Teething, illness and vacations are just a few examples of obstacles that will throw your child’s sleep off schedule. Sleep also gets interrupted when your child is on the verge of a new motor skill, a new sibling is born, or she is simply getting older. Moms like to call it the “__ Month Sleep Regression”. As children grow and change, so do their sleep needs. If your child seems to be having a “regression”, it’s time to re-evaluate her schedule.

  1. Later bedtime will prevent early mornings.

False! Unfortunately the opposite is true. The later a child is put to sleep, the earlier he will wake up. An early, consistent bedtime will lead to a healthy wake-up time in the morning.


child sleep training tips

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We want to thank Sabrina for offering insight into child sleep training tips, one of the toughest but most important aspects of parenting.  WiFi Baby has been a helpful tool in many homes for sleep monitoring and training.  The clear night vision and sound monitoring enables parents to know when baby finally goes down and if there are interruptions.  WiFi Baby also gives parents the ability to record so you can be aware if there are certain waking patterns happening while you are asleep. For more information on how WiFi Baby can help your family get more sleep, visit us at WiFi Baby.

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Sabrina Stempel, Certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant is the Founder and CEO of Baby Sleep Train™, a professional infant and child sleep consulting company offering child sleep training tips based in the Chicago area. She has a B.A. from Charter Oak State College in her home state of Connecticut, and received her certification as a Sleep Consultant from the International Maternity Institute. She is also the Midwest Regional Director of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants (APSC) and a partner of the Chicago Sleep Center in Skokie, Illinois.  For more information on her services, please visit Baby Sleep Train.

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child sleep training tips

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