How WiFi Baby was Born

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I’m Stefanie, co-founder of WiFi Baby.  Thank you for coming over and taking the time to get to know us a little better.  We created this company to help parents stay connected to their little ones and give them peace of mind.

That old adage, “Necessity is the mother of invention” could not be more true for our family.  In 2010, a few months before giving birth to our first child we received a baby monitor as a gift.  Excited to get it set up and working in our 3 story townhouse, we quickly became discouraged because we could not get reception in all areas of the home.   At the time I was running my event planning business from the first floor office and my son’s nursery was on the 3rd floor.

View More: tried to figure out a solution to our problem, while the seed was planted…”Does something better exist?”  “We use our smartphone for so much, could we also use it as a monitor and a nanny cam?”

After significant research with manufacturers and reaching out to several key contacts in the baby industry we concluded that, in concept, it could be done.   Our idea and name (but not the product yet) was born…WiFi Baby.

Like other startups we began in our garage.   With some basic knowledge of building websites, we created the first WiFi Baby website gearing up with the hope of future orders.  We stayed up late nights and worked on creating videos and methods that explained the product to parents and the difference over “traditional” monitors.


After finalizing and producing the first generation of WiFi Baby , a press release was sent out before the holidays.  That was our “big break”.   Back in 2010 this was unheard of…watching your baby on a smart phone?   The press release was picked up by Yahoo News, CBS News, CNET, Fast Company and others.  Some wonderful mommy bloggers contacted us along with tech sites to review the product and seriously the rest is history.  We started taking orders and fulfilling them while becoming very familiar with our mailman.

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We know our mailman very well.


Like all babies, we reached some nice milestones and also had some tantrums and bad days.  We soon outgrew and moved out of our garage with a proper office and fulfillment center.  Besides selling on our website, we are now sold at fine retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Kohl’s and regional baby boutiques.  We built a team of talented individuals to help our customers and enhance the brand.  We created our own improved WiFi Baby app and also completely redesigned our website. And we recently presented our product at the ABC Kids Expo, the largest US baby product convention with over 5,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors.

What still gets me every time, is how this little life that was growing inside of me turned into a huge inspiration for our future.   Becoming a parent added a million dimensions to my life that I never knew existed.  Without him, would we have had the courage to realize our dreams of building a business and also helping so many other parents?  Probably not.

We still call our son Dylan the “original WiFi Baby.”  One day in the future he may be running WiFi Baby and my hope is he too, will be inspired to achieve his wildest dreams.

Just like you all, we are on this parenting journey.  Stay tuned for more stories, milestones, relatable family friendly articles, and delicious recipes.

Thanks for reading!


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