Same Company. New Focus.

Why the change? As our company has grown, so has smart home technology and the needs of our customers. Instead of a 5th generation baby monitor we thought of the whole family.  This includes the Y-Cam indoor and outdoor cameras, smart alarm and other baby monitor and security recommendations.

Tell me about the MyWiFi Home and Y-Cam partnership. WiFi Baby is an American, family-owned startup born in 2010. Since that time we have sold 4 generations of WiFi Baby, a top reviewed wireless baby monitor that provides video, audio and alerts anywhere via iPhone and Android apps.  We have worked with Y-Cam since our company launch.

Y-Cam is an award winning, trusted British brand located in London with 10 years of protecting people and properties.

Will you continue to sell WiFi Baby? WiFi Baby 3 and WiFi Baby 4 will continue being sold directly on Amazon while supplies last HERE

PROTECT Alarm System. Control Cameras and alarm from one app.

What are the other costs such video cloud storage?  Unlike others that charge a monthly fee for ANY storage, Y-Cam includes 7 Days of FREE video cloud storage for 3 years.  

When you have a concern from an alert or otherwise, you can review motion recordings over the last week from the app and download the clips that matter. The video clips do not take up memory on your device until you opt to save them. And you can also do this from your desktop.

Take a look around and you will find that others charge $10/month for 7-10 days of video storage.

What about when I’m home?  I don’t want my family to set off the alerts and recording.  The app has a location-based feature that, when enabled, will automatically turn off the motion alerts when you are home.  When you leave, they will be active.

Can I just set the days and times I want the motion alerts?  Yes. Instead of using the location-based feature in the app you can set a schedule when your family is typically not home or asleep – or should be asleep. An example would be 9am-5pm and 11pm-6am Monday – Friday.  In this case the motion alerts are active only these days and time frame.

Can I specify certain areas of the room to trigger the alerts?  Yes.  Using the app you can multiple zones such as a door, window or cookie jar. Whenever someone goes past this zone it functions as a tripwire sending an instant alert to your phone as well as recording the event.  

What if I happen to be watching live and see something I want to record?  Easy.  Just click the red record icon in the app and the live streaming video will save to your cloud account just like a motion recording.  Then just review and download it to your phone if you want to save it.

Being able to review the last week of recording is great but what if I want to upgrade to 30 days?  Y-Cam has optional plans to upgrade to 30 days.

While 7 days of rolling recording is free for the first 3 years, if you want 30 days you can upgrade to the Plus Standard package for just $5.99/month* (optional in-app purchase).

Optional 30 Day Storage Plans:

Plus Standard (1 Camera): $5.99/month or $59.99/year (2 months free)

Plus Premium (Unlimited Cameras): $9.99/month or $99.99/year (2 months free)

How do these storage plans compare with other companies? Others charge $30/month or $300/year PER Camera for 30 days of storage.

What about when the 3 years of free 7 day video storage is over?   Either package can be used after the 3 years of free 7 day cloud recording storage is over. At this point we give you 30 days of cloud storage $5.99/month or $59.99/year. Or if you have multiple cameras you would opt for the unlimited camera option. Recording is not mandatory for the cameras to work. 

“Expandable security.”  Explain that more.  If you are just looking for indoor and outdoor smart home security cameras we have you covered.  Buy one or grab bundles at a discounted price and then add our soon to be released alarm system as you go along.

Can I use the WiFi Baby app with the EVO and OUTDOOR PRO?  No. Y-Cam has their own security app.  Please see this link in our store for details.

Will you be releasing more security products that work with EVO and OUTDOOR PRO? Yes. The EVO and OUTDOOR PRO cameras integrate with the soon to be released PROTECT alarm and 105db solar-powered outdoor SIREN (Scroll down for a preview).  You can add as many cameras as you would like and manage the entire alarm system from the same iOS or Android app.

Expandable Affordable Home Security System


Can I use the EVO Indoor camera as a baby monitor? No.  It is specifically designed as a cloud-based security camera focused on motion recording and not 24/7 continuous viewing – such as overnight monitoring and background audio and alerts while using other apps. Unlike WiFi Baby, there is a time limit on live video viewing via the apps so it is not suitable for a baby monitor.

While WiFi Baby has grown, our camera line has shrunk in size! EVO is just 2″ square and half the size of WiFi Baby.  Small, sleek and…adorable. Additionally, it has motion detection and, unlike others, 7 FREE days of cloud recording storage.


Here’s a summary about Y-Cam as well as a comparison chart breaking down the features and price of EVO, OUTDOOR PRO and WiFi Baby.

Home Security Systems

View Recordings via App. Save Ones That Matter.

PROTECT + Cameras = Complete Alarm System