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US based support – Phone or Screen Share help by request during the Day, Night or Weekend

Prior to requesting a MyWiFi Pro appointment, please see the following links that quickly answer and solve the majority of setup issues. We have taken great care to provide detailed wireless setup screen shot guides for your WiFi Baby camera and iOS & Android apps.

Wireless Setup Guides – Home Network

QuickStart PDF

QuickStart Video

iPhone, iPad App Setup

Android App Setup


WiFi Baby Nanny Cam Flow Chart

Wireless Setup Guides – Nanny Cam “Away” Viewing

Please use the following links for detailed screen shot guides to access your WiFi Baby camera remotely on any data plan or external WiFi network.

WiFi Baby 3 Nanny Cam Setup

WiFi Baby 2.0 Nanny Cam Setup

WiFi Baby 3 ships with a preconfigured MyWiFiBaby URL for a streamlined setup to connect anywhere.

However, depending on the brand of your router, WiFi Baby’s feature of viewing your camera outside your WiFi network for use as a Nanny Cam may require adding a permission (“port forwarding”) to your router’s firewall settings to access the camera remotely. This process is usually straight forward using the above setup links.

In rare cases it can vary from easy to complex based on your brand of router or if you have a unique home network configuration (several routers, networks, extenders, etc.). We are happy to help and our free U.S. based support will take care of you regardless of your network or brand of router.

MyWiFi Pro Support Ticket

We provide expert phone and screen sharing support by scheduled appointment during regular business hours (9-5) , at night (5-10) and even on the weekend.

WiFi Baby comes with 1 year of free MyWiFi Pro support for the same router and network.

Just have a quick question? | 855.943.4367

MyWiFi Pro includes:

  • Shared Screen Session
  • Phone Support
  • Set Appointment Time (Day, Night or Weekend)
  • Detailed Completion Email with settings & direct contact info MyWiFi Pro rep

Please visit by clicking the image below to request a support appointment that works with your schedule. Most appointments are scheduled and solved within one business day.

MyWiFi Pro Support Ticket

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