Lion OS X – Audio Explained


Original Post: September, 2011.
Update: Information below also applies to Mountain Lion

Those who have already updated their Mac OS to Lion or Mountain Lion (10.7, 10.8) have experienced a lack of audio when viewing our camera through their browser. Even though our development teams have been playing with an OS X Lion beta for the last few months, it was only the final version of the software that caused these problems, dropping support for an audio codec called AMR.

This audio issue is only with Lion and Mountain Lion OSX. It does not affect any of the iPhone, iPad, Android apps and all versions of Windows and Mac OSX up to Snow Leopard also work for both video AND audio. The latest iOS 5 beta has also been tested and video/audio works with both WiFi Baby HD & Baby Monitor HD iOS apps.

Our latest camera firmware DOES provide the option for audio on Lion and ships installed with all units ordered after 9/19/11. This firmware gives you the option to choose between two different audio streams:  AAC or AMR.  Only one audio stream works at a time.  Note: Option to choose between AAC and AMR also included with new WiFi Baby (Model No. WFBYMK4-N) released May, 2012. 

However, if you choose AAC, you will hear audio on Lion OSX but it will disable the audio on the iPhone, iPad or Android apps.

To not make it too complicated…. here is the deal:  Do nothing, and everything will work just like before on iPhone, iPad, Android, Snow Leopard OSX and Windows. For the majority of our users this hasn’t caused much disruption as they primarily use their iPhone, iPad or Android device as their primary monitors.

We do not recommend choosing AAC as the audio vs. AMR unless you use your Lion OSX Mac as the PRIMARY monitor.

For more information, please visit our support section and QuickStart video guide. 



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