WiFi Baby Features

What Makes WiFi Baby Different?


"Traditional" Video Baby Monitors: Use analog radio signals subject to static, picture quality, distance limitations, privacy, interference with WiFi network.

WiFi Baby: Camera wirelessly connects to your WiFi network and streams password-protected video & audio of your baby to iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or PC. Anywhere.

FAQ - CAMERA | FAQ - APPS | BUY NOWBuy WiFi Baby WFBYMK4-N May, 2012

  • New Version Released May, 2012 (WFBYMK4-N)
  • New Hardware, Firmware, Intuitive Setup Software
  • Password Protected Video & Audio
  • "Nanny Cam" Free Remote Video, Audio, Recording
  • 4 cameras on screen, simultaneous video, audio, alerts
  • Access Camera from multiple mobile devices, same time
  • WiFi "N" uses network's top speed/range
  • MicroSD card slot
  • American company, FREE U.S. based service and support